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What we do

We support the entrepreneurial efforts of young Haitians and provide them with adequate training and access to experts and mentors with our Haiti StartUp Talent Incubation Program.

Now, we are expanding our value proposition to entrepreneurs to the next phase, fundraising, with the creation of a new joint investment fund to support startups and SMEs in this complex stage.

The Incubation Program is a 6-month training program with mandatory participation for selected young entrepreneurs whose entrepreneurial proposals are innovative, creative and with the potential to become high-growth companies that can create jobs.

In the incubation program they will learn how to turn a business idea into reality.

Find out more about the Investment fund
Find out more about the incubation program

How we do it

In the Incubation Program we work from the early stages of financial education and the use of tools such as Excel to the most advanced levels where we perform financial projections, market research, digital marketing, elevator pitch, etc.

During the training participants

  1. will learn the different aspects of transforming a business idea (or prototype) into a company operating in the market,
  2. will integrate Sustainable Development Goals into each project to generate a sustainable social impact over time,
  3. have full-time access to fully equipped offices in Pétion-Ville, Port-au-Prince, and
  4. will follow an intensive training program provided by Haitian and international experts, including specialists selected by the City of San Sebastian.

In the investment fund, the investors´ capital is unified in order to invest it in the most promising startups and SMEs of the Haitian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Find out more about the incubation program
Find out more about the Investment fund

Why we do it

Haiti StartUp Talent boosts the socioeconomic development of the region and improves the quality of life and social capital through education and empowerment of Haitian workers.


Haiti (Republic of Haiti, in Haitian Creole Ayiti and Repiblik Dayiti) occupies the western third of the island of Hispaniola (about 27,750 km2), a small island of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, and is classified as a small island economy with a population of 10,981,229 inhabitants in 2017 (World Bank Development Indicators, 2018).

¨There is no secret that Haiti, economically speaking, is a very poor country and to move forward it is necessary to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of its people¨ (Partenaires d’Haïti).

Meet the team

Program organizer

The Centre d’appui et de services aux entreprises locales et internationales (CASELI) is a spin-off of Root Capital in Haiti dedicated to developing rural entrepreneurship and innovative leadership by providing advisory services, mapping resilient business ecosystems and investing in companies that develop sustainable livelihoods across the country. Under the Root Capital Haiti brand, more than US$2 million in financing and advisory services were provided to more than 84 local companies, including producer cooperatives and agri-food companies.

In addition, CASELI acts as a business support operator (BSO) for agro-industries, SMEs and MSMEs. CASELI’s objectives are to increase rural prosperity, promote the resilience of commercial ecosystems, facilitate foreign direct investment, provide ongoing support to Root Capital’s current local partners, and help existing and potential clients manage strategic, financial, technological and national risks by developing a local presence and affordable cultural competence to improve the value of local and foreign companies.

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