Produce wine and cucurmin powder to sell locally and then export them. Cucurmin is an expensive spice worldwide and we want to help the population with a natural remedy.

Entrepreneurs: Jethro Sufra, Exone Adrien, Seraphin Annayra

Potel Pou Mwen

“Potel pou mwen” is a company that will use a website and application to help customers (patients) order medicines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Entrepreneurs: Shella Jean-Francois, Esthaina Jean-Francois, Elie Miralda, Sofia Gaspard.

Up Fish

Up Fish is a seafood company and intends to work with fishing cooperatives to support them and sell their seafood products.

Entrepreneurs: Leika Pabelli, Jessyka Brutus.

Grandi Laundry

Grandi Laundry is a “washing and folding” and “dry cleaner” company.  In addition, the entrepreneur offers to pick up and deliver the clothes to the customer.

Entrepreneurs: Louis Marc Peterson.

Tiiz Lunettes

Tiiz anticipates to manufacture reading glasses with a built-in (LED) lighting system to reduce the risk of fire from students reading at night with candles. In addition, the glasses will have power to charge cell phones, headphones and Bluetooth enabled.

Entrepreneurs: Bruny Francois, Ketty Lovely Joseph.

Brasserie Creol´ Ha

Brasserie Creole is a beverage manufacturer of juice and wine out of locally grown fruits.

Entrepreneurs: Kerbens Jean Francois, Edysson Fils.


LalwAyiti plans to produce cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products based on Aloe Vera. 

Entrepreneurs: Dieune Louis, Andy Adolfe.

Rose Crea Tissus

Company manufactures jewelry and accessories for women made out of textile.

Entrepreneurs: Jessica Devieux, Merlin Francois Lenord

Stop N’ Drink

Stop N’Drink will be a local beverage and retail company that produces fruit juices and fresh tea. 

Entrepreneurs: Olson Boisguene, Rudnick Guercin, Melissandre Morel, Ocianise Sanovil.

SONAC Agricole

SONAC Agricole exports live lobsters and frozen lobster tails to the United States, Canada, European Union and China.

Entrepreneurs: Ernst Charles, Jr., Dieubon Henry l’Homme, Dalance Fanfan, Wendy Souffrant.