“Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to creating sustainable development”

– UN, SDG 4

In Haiti, entrepreneurs and SMEs are far from being investment-ready

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The leader´s expertise

million dollars (USD) in financing
accelerators (Port au Prince 2015, Les Cayes 2016, Port au Prince 2017)
entrepreneurs, producer cooperatives, agri-food companies, etc. supported and advised in the development of their business
hours of training and workshops on business formalization, social impact, raising funds and financial literacy

We are backed by national and international institutions with extensive experience in economic development

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Thus, we have created this game-changing program, a new paradigm for business education in Haiti

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Set aside bad projects and build the educational treasure that will drive Haiti’s sustained and inclusive economic growth

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Testimonials from entrepreneurs 

“I would like to thank you for this program. Thanks to this training I can understand how to manage a company, develop a business plan, be familiar with the formalities… This training is an extra motivation.”



First cohort 

“I have always wanted to have my own company and create jobs, but I did not have the means or the training to do so. The incubation program provided me with the tools and helped me travel the road to make my project a reality.”



First cohort 

“The incubation program is more than I expected and, so far, there is no equivalent in Haiti in terms of the quality of courses and materials that can be quickly implemented in the company.”



First cohort 

“The incubation program is very important for companies because they can learn the A B C of how to run a business. I am very happy to be one of the participating startups. I encourage you to participate.”



First cohort 

“Your encounter changed a whole part of the dream I had personally and also group’s dreams. I wanted to thank you and tell you how much I look forward to continuing the adventure. Thank you for this opportunity, thank you.”



First cohort 

“The Incubation Program has allowed me to better exploit the potential I had and use it for useful purposes. I started from scratch and now I can proudly say that I am ready to face certain realities.”



First cohort 

“This program has proven to be an essential asset to my business idea, which has allowed me to polish the business plan and our project thinking. The space and format of the training allowed us to reflect and improve the project. ”



First cohort 

You can help entrepreneurs climb the social ladder and have a local social impact

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Morning classes from Monday to Friday during the first three months and, in the afternoon, a co-working space is available to advance in the project. Over the last three months, morning classes are reduced to three days, from Monday to Wednesday, in order to focus more on business development.

The Incubation Program has funds to finance companies but reserves the right to finance only those that the program itself deems appropriate.

No. The incubator helps to bring the project to market, working in collaboration with the CEOs of each start-up who develop the project until it takes shape. The accelerator accelerates growth and improves projects already in development. 

Once the required data have been provided, independent experts will select the most promising projects, the list will be reduced to 10 after a personal interview. 

The courses are in group, but the tutors provide individualized follow-up and support and are available to help entrepreneurs with anything they need. 

Social impact is one of our incubation program’s key pillars. It is essential that the project can unleash a positive change in society, mainly related to Sustainable Development Goals. 

No. This incubator considers that there is no better certificate than the one demonstrated by the execution of the business idea. 

A new cohort is created every six months. 

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