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With our fund and network, you will get returns and generate great social impact

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“Sustained and inclusive economic growth can drive progress, create decent jobs for all and improve living standards”

– UN, SDG 8

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The leader´s expertise

million dollars (USD) in financing
accelerators (Port au Prince 2015, Cayes 2016, Port au Prince 2017)
entrepreneurs, producer cooperatives, agri-food companies, etc. supported and advised in the development of their business
hours of trining and workshops on business formalization, social impact, raising funds and financial education

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with the social impact you’ve always desired

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Joint investment fund to invest in SMEs and startups with great potential and management capacity

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You are going to invest many times, you can do it well and become a promoter of Haiti’s socioeconomic development; or you can continue the same way and miss the opportunity to generate impact and stay out of Haiti’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

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